coast to coast cycle tour

Why are our Coast to Coast Biking Tours so Popular?

Our coast to coast cycling holidays and C2C mountain biking tours continue to be the most popular UK biking routes that we offer and we're always wondering why this is the case. The UK is one of very few countries on the planet where it's possible to cycle from one coast to the other in just a few days which means that our coast to coast cycling holidays and C2C mountain biking tours have always been popular with our clients, whether they come to the UK to take part in a cycling tour or mountain biking holiday from another country or they're already based in the UK. 

This got us thinking about why cycling coast to coast on a cycle touring holiday or mountain biking tour captures the imagination of cyclists from all over the world. A few things sprang to mind. For many, cycling coast to coast is a bucket list item. The idea of embarking on a long-distance cycling journey and completing it is something that appeals to individuals seeking adventure and memorable life experiences. Cycling from one coast to another is a significant physical and mental challenge. Many people are drawn to the adventure and excitement of taking on such a demanding journey, testing their endurance, and pushing their limits. Cycling provides a unique sense of freedom and independence and traveling under one's own steam fosters a feeling of self-reliance and autonomy, adding to the appeal of coast-to-coast cycling. Cycling coast to coast provides an opportunity for individuals to escape the routines of daily life, allowing for long periods of reflection, contemplation and a break from the hustle and bustle of modern living. Cycling coast to coast across Scotland, England or Wales, allows individuals to explore diverse landscapes, regions and cultures. It's a unique way to discover the hidden gems, scenic routes and cultural richness, fostering a deeper connection with the environment. 

Whatever your motivation for taking part in a coast to coast cycling tour or C2C mountain biking holiday, the Trailbrakes Team are on hand to give you the best advice for which cycling route to choose. Contact us to find out more about our cycling holidays and mountain bike tours.