C2C MTB Wales

When Researching a New Biking Tour isn't Fun!

Here at Trailbrakes Biking Holidays, we spend a lot of time over the quiet season, between the end of October and end of March, researching new and exciting cycling tours and mountain biking routes right across Scotland, England and Wales, that we can then offer to our customers the following season. The process usually begins by poring over OS maps of the region that the cycling route passes through, in order to identify possible trails that can be used to join the biking route together. We always try to use the most interesting but rideable mountain biking trails for our mountain bike holidays or gravel bike tours, and as much off-road as we can possibly find. And for our cycling tours, we use only quiet country roads and traffic-free trails wherever they're available. These need to be ridden to find out if they're suitable for a road biking tour and, if they're not, we need to find an alternative route to offer people who are riding road bikes on their cycling holiday.

Unfortunately, the trails that are marked on OS maps don't always turn out to be the best for biking, especially during the winter! We recently found this out whilst we were researching a new coast to coast biking trip in Wales and encountered some unpleasant MTB trail conditions after heavy rain. We decided not to include this trail in our final version of our Wales coast to coast MTB tour, though we will keep it as an option for any groups who are looking for more of a biking challenge!

Here at Trailbrakes, we go to extreme measures to ensure that, during your cycling tour or mountain biking holiday in the UK, you ride the very best cycling routes through the most beautiful scenery the country has to offer, taking all of the guess work out of route-finding for you and your cycling friends. Contact us to start planning the perfect cycling tour for you!