Cycling holiday scotland

Researching a New C2C Biking Holiday Route

The UK is a perfect destination for a cycling tour, road biking trip or mountain biking holiday. With great off-road trail access for mountain biking and gravel biking and endless miles of quiet country roads for cycle touring and road biking, we think that the UK is up there among the best countries in the world for cycling and mountain biking holidays. The only issue when it comes to biking holidays in the UK is the weather! Our cycling trips and mountain biking holidays are only available to book between April and October due to the unpredictability of the UK's weather in the winter months.  

Here at Trailbrakes HQ, we're often asked how we spend our winters if there aren't any cycling trips or mountain biking tours taking place. The short answer is, we are always extremely busy! Not only are we responding to booking enquiries, organising biking trips for the following season and keeping our website up to date, but we're also researching potential new mountain biking tours and gravel bike and road biking holiday routes that we can offer in the future.

So it was last week, when we packed our ski gloves, lots of layers and waterproof biking boots and headed north into the Scottish Highlands to have a look at some mountain biking trails which we hoped would fit together to form a brand new off-road mountain biking coast to coast route. We're really pleased to say that, despite the sub-zero temperatures, snow and ice, we were privileged to ride some of the best wilderness trails that we've ever found in Scotland. Picture snow-capped majestic mountains, deserted glens peppered with Highland cattle and red deer, fabulous off-road trails winding along the banks of glorious lochs and into the hills. We are really excited to be able to offer this new Scottish coast to coast mountain biking route and will hopefully get it up on the website in the next couple of months. It starts in Oban on Scotland's west coast and finished in Spey Bay, on the north-east coast, which is famed for its delicious whisky and leaping dolphins. All we have to do now is come up with a catchy name for the new route! What about the Scotland Divide C2C?