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Long Distance Cycling for Women

When it comes to cycling, it really is a man's world! This is no more evident than when, as a woman, I tried to buy a comfortable bike saddle from our local bike shop 20 years ago. I tried out several designs and I just couldn't find a bike saddle that remained comfortable over consecutive days of cycling. In the end I concluded that one of the most important considerations when you're fitting a saddle to your bike, particularly if you're going to be taking part in a multi-day cycling holiday or mountain biking tour, is getting the angle of the saddle on the bike correct for your anatomy. Pointing the nose of the bike saddle downwards slightly can make all the difference!

Luckily, women's bike saddle designs have come a long way in recent years, evolving to cater to the unique anatomical and comfort needs of female cyclists. These innovative designs address a variety of concerns, including pressure points, pelvic anatomy, and overall riding comfort. 

One notable aspect of women-specific bike saddle design is the consideration of pelvic width. Many women have wider sit bones than men, so saddles are often wider in the rear to provide better support. Additionally, the shape of the saddle can vary, with cut-outs or pressure-relief channels designed to alleviate discomfort and reduce the risk of numbness in the perineal area, a common issue among female riders.

The choice of padding and cushioning materials is also an important part of women's saddle design. These materials have to be carefully selected to ensure a balance between comfort and support. The padding is strategically placed to relieve pressure points and absorb road vibrations.

Modern women-specific bike saddles are tailored to provide comfort and support for female riders, taking into account anatomical differences and riding preferences. However, there is still a long way to go and if you are investing in a new bike saddle for your multi-day cycling tour or mountain biking holiday, I would always play around with the angle of your bike saddle to find the comfort sweet-spot!